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Let Metrick Consultancy manage your grant, so you can focus on your project.

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When developing a new project or idea for your business, a grant can be an essential springboard. This can be a busy time for businesses, with very little time dedicated to research and grant management.

Metrick Consultancy has experience of supporting businesses through the end-to-end grant process, to allow your team to focus on the project at hand.

01 - Our Offering

02 - Why Metrick?

Business Meeting

Our Offering


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We have stepped in your shoes. Businesses have little time for research and planning, which can lead to a rushed decision.

Metrick Consultancy provides you with time and ease, as we handle and manage each step of the grant process.

Grants have been processed for a range of businesses, allowing Metrick Consultancy to know the requirements which your sector needs.

Rooted in a manufacturing background, Metrick Consultancy is especially ready to help a range of Northern manufacturing businesses to help them acquire grants for a range of requirements.

Why Metrick?


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Metrick Consultancy are here to help from the start. Working with Northern businesses in a range of sectors, we will meet with you to understand your project and end goal. Then, it’s over to Metrick Consultancy.

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Our business and local connections put us in a prime position to find what grants are available and assess the eligibility of your requirements with the grant in hand.

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Once the grant has been found and all requirements have been met, we will have an initial meeting with the grant advisors and start the process.

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Metrick Consultancy manages the grant application, completing all the necessary paperwork and submitting the application to the provider.

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All quotes, invoices and other paperwork will be collected by Metrick Consultancy to provide the grant application with the highest of quality and driven content for success.

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Once the grant application has been submitted, the is typically a one to two month wait for a response. If successful, you will receive a grant offer letter to assess the grant for your project.

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