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Residential grants for individuals

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An introduction to property grants

Metrick Consultancy offer residential grant scheme that provides 100%funding to help eligible people reduce the cost of heating by installing energy-efficient measures such as Storage Heaters, Loft, Floor, Cavity, IWI Internal Wall Insulation.

01 - Our Offering

02 - Why Metrick?

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Our Offering


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Unlock the opportunity to enhance your home’s energy efficiency under the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. Simply input your details below, and we will reach out to you within 72 hours with your qualification status!

For more information on our residential funding and support on understanding your eligibility contact

Why Metrick?


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Now more than ever, insulating your home is so important.

Insulating your home helps you keep the desired temperature of your home all year round protecting it against cold in the winter and excess heat in the summer. An Insulated house means an energy efficient home and with the current energy crisis insulating your home will save on your heating bills.

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After our assessor has visited your property it is time for your home upgrades

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Solar Pv

Solar PV is another energy saving renewable measure to dramatically reduce your energy bills. The electricity you generate will benefit you with a reduction in your electricity bills as your home will require less electricity from the national grid. Any excess electricity will flow back to the grid unless you have a battery storage system in place where you can store all electricity gained from your PV and even use it to charge your electric vehicle.

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Our professionals try to complete the installation within a timely manor. We work around the customer and provide a quality service.

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