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Business Start Up

Metrick Consultancy supports business startups, to provide them with a running start.

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An introduction to Business Start Up...

Starting a business can be a daunting experience. There are many areas to cover, ranging from business plans, to researching the market, to finding funding and more.

Every business must start somewhere, including Metrick Consultancy. We have the first hand experience of starting a business.

01 - Our Offering

02 - Why Metrick?

Business Meeting

Our Offering


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Through our experience of over six years of supporting business startups, we have connections with a range of suppliers and businesses who can help Metrick Consultancy to support the startups.

We provide a personal and tailored experience for each business, as all businesses are different. Through understanding you and your goals, we can provide you with a service that is bespoke to you.

Working in and around the construction and manufacturing industry, Metrick Consultancy are in a prime position to help construction businesses with startup support.

Why Metrick?


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We work with the business to refine business plans and assess paperwork and finance, we support the business from the start and provide advice for going forward.

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On our side, we will set up the base. This includes setting up company house, registering the business and complete the necessary paper work.

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We will investigate systems that suit your business, a location for a potential office, providers for media such as websites and other additions you would like.

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