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What we do with information you submit to Metrick Consultancy

Metrick Consultancy is committed to protecting the personal information of all visitors to this website. We recognise our obligation to keep personal information secure and believe it is important for our members and website users to know how we treat their personal information. 

Information Collected

Users of our website can visit the site without revealing their identity or providing information about themselves. 


We only collect information directly from users when they voluntarily submit their personal information to us. This can be done either via the contact form on this website or by electronic mail (email) directly to our employees. 


When this sort of information is collected, we reserve the right to do one of two things.  We may decide not to retain the information you have sent if we feel that we would be an organisation who would be unable to provide you with services.  In this case your data would be immediately deleted.  If we choose to retain your information, we will save it to our cloud based secure database and retain the information for a period of no longer than 12 months.  It will be handled by our team and used only for the purpose of supporting you as a business. 


During the 12 month retention period it is your responsibility to make us aware of any changes to your information. 


We reserve the right to add to this list of considerations available to our users to interact with us. 


It is completely up to users to voluntarily provide us with their personal information and by sending information you must accept that by default you have given us permission to act in keeping with the information above. 

Use of Collected Information

The personal information you provided is used for the purpose of helping you in your business. 


We do not share your personal information with other organisations unless you have given consent and it is in the interest of you.  We will not send your information to any companies or individuals without your prior consent. Metrick Consultancy does not sell, trade, provide or rent personal information to third parties. 

Security of Collected Information 

Metrick Consultancy maintains strict physical, electronic and administrative safeguards for the protection of users’ personal information from unauthorised or inappropriate access.  Anyone within our company who abuses this information will be subject to disciplinary action in keeping with our strict employee policy for Data Protection. 


Any data collected through this website will be afforded protection whether in a manual or electronic form in line with the principles of Data Protection, e-Privacy and BS 7799. 

User’s Access to Collected Information

Users of this website may have access to the personal information that has been provided to us or collected through this website on written request to the organisation. Please note that as per the information above, we may choose not to retain or store any of your personal data. 

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Privacy Policy

Learn about how Metrick Consultancy keeps your data safe.

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