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As the UK have left the European Union all previous ERDF funding has closed so if you have accessed any previous funding from ERDF then this is a great opportunity for you to access new UK funding.

United Kingdom is releasing £2.6 billion from September 2023 until March 2025. The investment will be used where it is needed the most: building pride in place, supporting high quality skills training, supporting pay, employment, productivity growth, capital purchase, green energy and increasing life chances.

The new fund will enable truly local decision making and better target the priorities of places within the UK. It will lead to visible, tangible improvements to the places where people work and live and business growth.

Each area will have allocated funding with a certain amount of money to access, it will be delivered on a first come first served basis and once the money has been delivered there will be no more funds to access until March 2025

If you would like more information please drop us a email to

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